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The need for video surveillance has increased in today’s society. We offer a wide variety of indoor and outdoor video surveillance equipment.

With today’s technology, digital video recorders allow users to view their premises from remote locations for added home security.

Residential Security Services

Cameras Don't Lie

Monitored Security Systems

Installing a monitored security system in your home or vacation property will give you the peace of mind that you are protecting your property and family from the unexpected. Most of us think of security systems as offering protection from burglars. However, security is also about protecting your home and family from the threat of fire, flood, high/low temperatures and even carbon monoxide poisoning.
Can all be added to your home security system, to ensure you are completely protected.
Having a monitored security system may lower your insurance premium (depending on your insurance provider), and adding these extra devices may also result in additional discounts while keeping your property and family safe. Custom Security even offers 24-hour monitoring so that you’re protected around the clock.

Home Security:
It's a win-win!

Safety for your family

A representative from Custom Security would be happy to provide you with a FREE security consultation to determine your security requirements and generate a quote.